Q: How many lights come in a four pack?

A: 4 lights come in a 4 pack (we actually get this one a lot)

Q: Can I mix colors in a pack?

A: Sorry, the smallest pack we sell is a 4 pack, So if you want an 8 pack, but two different colors you will need to order 2 individual 4 packs. Some of our dealers buy lights in bulk and sell them individually. Please check our Dealer Locator page for more information.

Q: I only need two lights, do I have to buy a 4 pack?

A: Buying direct from LUX Lighting Systems we package our lights in 4 packs and do not offer singles, however some of our dealers buy lights in bulk and sell them individually. Please check our Dealer Locator page for more information.

Q: How are they mounted?

A: All of our LED Rock Lights feature the LUX proprietary neodymium magnetic mounting system. No bolting, gluing, or taping required. Simply place the lights on a flat metal surface. The strength of the magnets far exceeds what is needed to firmly hold the lights in place. The automotive LED Rock Lights have a soft rubber backing over the magnets. The ATV/ UTV sets have 3M VHB tape over the magnets to allow mounting to non-magnetic surfaces.

Q: What is the output?

A: Each light pod has (4) 1 watt LED's in it for a total of 4 watts output. Total output and lumens depends on color and input voltage. Please see our Tech Specs page for more information.

Q: What voltage can they operate on?

A: The LED Rock Lights are designed for automotive 12vdc applications. Our lights can safely operate up to 13.5vdc for long periods of time. Automotive electrical systems can often vary from 10vdc to 14vdc.

Q: Will these work on my boat?

A: The LUX LED Rock Lights are 100% waterproof and are designed to withstand rugged off road use. They are not a marine product and do not have any marine safety certifications. Use at your own risk.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: LUX offers 3 levels of protection for your purchase:

Visit our Warranty page for more information.

Q: What is the difference between the ATV/UTV and Automotive sets??

A: The LED Rock Lights themselves are the exact same light. The only difference between the two is the Automotive lights have a 14 foot lead and a soft rubber backing over the magnets, and the ATV/UTV lights have an 8 foot lead and a 3M adhesive backing over the magnets.

Q: What is the difference between a regular 8 piece set and an 8 piece [DE]LUX set?

A: LUX sells our lights by themselves in 4, 8 or 12 packs, we did this at the request of the Jeep community of which many have spods or other auxilliary switches already installed and did not want to pay for an installation kit. We also sell installation kits, and the custom LUX logo spider switch separately. We came out with the [DE]LUX kits for people who want to buy everything at one time. The [DE]LUX kits are a complete lighting system that includes lights, installation kit and LUX logo switch at a discounted price.

Q: Do you do sponsorships?

A: We get 6-8 requests a day for LUX to 'sponsor' their ride. Currently we are not looking for any additonal sponshorship oportunities. We wil lhowever trade lights for high quality installation videos for established youtube publishers. If you have a youtube channel focusing on the off roading community and produce very high quality videos lets talk.